Discussion Post For week 6- Gina scales

With the reading of the Canterbury Tales “The General Prologue” to me was very confusing. The reason why it was so confusing to me is because in a way it’s not easy for me to understand old English.

In the reading “The General Prologue” the pilgrimage was important because not just men but women as well in the 14th century traveled on the pilgrimage from London to the Cathedral of Canterbury. I feel this journey was a type of mission to help prepare someone’s heart for renewed spiritual fulfillment. Also in my opinion I feel that another reason for the journey was for everyone to be able to find better living in another area.

Another thing I feel that the travel to Canterbury was to help better everyone lives, such as having doctors and medication at the tip of their fingers. In the beginning of the story it talked about the month of April and March so to me that was the time of season that they were starting the pilgrimage.

With the reading of these stories I don’t feel like the women in either were virgins. The reason why I stated that is because in “The wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale” in the beginning it stated that the women already had five husbands. To me that sounds like she gets around or either she can’t stay married to one person for too long. In this reading found out those women in the story wanted complete control and sovereignty over their husbands. In this reading it also stated that men or a king were able to as many wives as they wanted but once a women wanted as many husbands as they wanted it would be a problem.

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