Discussion Week 6


General Prologue- Was just an introduction on the stories but it made me feel like I was losing my mind since, I had to keep going back and forth trying to understand.  The general prologue is basically tales of pilgrimages to Canterbury. The narrator also gives us an idea of the season, which seemed to be the start of spring.

I found the Wife of Bath to be an interesting tale because it gave an idea of the importance of sexuality and religion during in this era. Her first marriage was at twelve years old, when she was describing her tale she stated that she had five husbands, three of them were good and two were bad. It seemed to me that she didn’t really care about the opinions of the society and how she is seen as she just went with how she felt, she also states that she married her fifth husband for love which makes me think of her as a strong and powerful women because despite getting it wrong the first and the second time she kept going on she didn’t back down, because she justified her marriages through scripture.  Which is quite amazing considering that men generally interpreted the Bible and their views were the word of God.  In order to support her interpretations, she had to have been very knowledgeable about her faith, possibly as much knowledge as a priest.

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