week 6 canterbury tales

Reading Canterbury Tales was definitely a challenge when trying to understand the text; I was one of those text that had to be re-read more than once and slowly to understand what you’re reading. Rereading still didn’t help. I got really frustrated reading the Canterbury tales and honestly I’m not entirely sure if I still understand completing what the text is about.

In “The General Prologue” I believe the reason why the pilgrimage was so important was so important in my opinion because it reflect a new beginning. I think the pilgrimage allowed the individual to disconnect and reflect on themselves rather than everyone and everything around them which is why the use of “I” is so common.

In “The wife of bath’s prologue and tale” the wife was merely a child when she got married at the age of twelve; reading that particular part was shocking to me but what was even more shocking was the fact that she had five wives. During the time this wasn’t something that was common within the time period. Based on the time period I can imagine the critic one only endured for being married five times; based on the Christian belief it was more than uncommon for a female to be married more than once and was definitely frowned upon.


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