Week 6- Tasnia Tanas

I have to say, I think I really hated reading this. I did not understand anything it all. I had to keep rereading the material to understand anything at all. I thought out both readings, “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale” was more interesting to read. I liked how in this reading, it doesn’t emphasize on the men having power. It shows how the wife in this reading had been married 5 times, since the age of 12. I feel like through the prologue the wife explains how she has an authority over the men she had married. She basically explains in a way how women desires to have control over their husband, and she shows how she had control over each husband. She doesn’t let anybody tell her what to do, she’s able to use her beauty and youth to her advantage. But even after she’s not young and beautiful anymore she is still happy because she has the power to enjoy life. I really liked how men didn’t have a say in this reading. This reading was definitely something the medieval period was against.

In the reading “General Prologue”, it shows how the knight has a very important role. That is because the narrator chooses to speak about the knight first. The knight is shown to be always doing the right thing. This shows how high the knight is in the social class. Since it is given so much importance and respect. I think the knight is shown as a hero because of his brave actions, similar to how Beowulf was seen as. The knight is praised a lot in this reading for doing his duties and for always succeeding in whatever he does. The narrator emphasizes on the importance of the role of the knight in the social class.

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