Discussion Questions: Week 10

by: Zebin, Sadia, Arggelys, Gina

Answer 3-4 of the following questions.

On Lady Jane’s letter to M.H.:
What are the significances of the binaries presented within this letter?(i.e.: “lively member of christ vs.”the deformed imp of the devil”)

Are there implications made by Lady Jane that God is indeed above man and if so what does this say about her female agency and individualistic connection to Christ?

On Lady Jane’s second letter to her father:

Why do you think Lady Jane dresses the death of two of her fathers children?

Is she one of the children that have passed away symbolically?

Why did she call someone the seed of Satan?

What is the spirit knowledge and how can you obtain it?

Why should you acknowledge whether you sinned against heaven?

On Monsieur’s Departure:

Is Queen Elizabeth I expressing grief, heartbreak or both?

Do we get a sense of purgatory in her poem? Is the an in-between-ness(neither here nor there) that we get a sense of when reading this text?

Why does the person want to forget what love ever meant?

Why does the queen feels burned?

On Speech to Troops at Tilbury:

Why does Queen Elizabeth I the first make connections to God and her Kingdom?

What does it mean that Queen Elizabeth I has the “Heart of and stomach of a King, and of a King of England too” (763)
Is she explicitly trying to dissolve gender roles and lines?

On “The Golden Speech”:
1) Was this speech referring to the people?
2) What is the significance of a king wearing a crown?
3) What are the differences with having a queen or king?

From foxes’ Acts and Monuments:

Why was she murdered?

How did she know she was going to die?

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