Discussion Week 16

This weeks reading weren’t actually bad, my favorite is Milton’s epic long poem, Paradise Lost, being that it explains the cause of man’s fall. Milton also states that humankind would suffer that of their consequences for their own faults, but they would find the mercy through that of God with knowledge and experience.


Milton justifies the ways of God by stating that God’s nature is to turn basically everything from bad to good. The earth had been created by God and humans were meant to replace that of bad angels. As for Jesus, he had sent him to redeem the fallen humans. This is where the difference between God and Satan is apparent, Satan only takes in his own interests, therefore making him an egoist and wanted to seek vengeance upon God for expelling him from heaven due to him trying to turn good into evil. Also, as humans we feel that whenever we endure happiness or sadness it can be justified as the Will of God, being that he is the almighty and sovereign. Anytime something good happens for us we assume it is God, which I totally believe. As for the bad that happens, we blame that to be apart of our own doings or we say “The Devil is Busy”, which states the Devil is trying to alter our happiness.


In Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women, power comes into play when Aemilia Lanyer states that due to Adam being that of stronger and superior than Eve he should have been able to resist the temptation of the fruit. “What weakness offered, strength might have refused, Being lord of all, the greater was his shameFor he was lord and king of all the earth, Before poor Eve had either life or breath” (35-36, 39-40). Although, Lanyer doesn’t believe that men are stronger or women are weak.

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