How dare you punish me God? Week 16 discussion.

In Book 9 of “Paradise Lost” the serpant(Satan), as well as Adam and Eve all have voices. I believe the function of this narration is to give their side of the stories. You know, kind of like the others three sides to a story side A, side B and the truth. That is what I believe the function of the voices are to tell the stories of all three characters through their narration as we see it. In this sense, Book 9 connects to “Eve’s Apology…” as it gives a choice of reason to the sinners as proclaimed by the Bible.
I believe that the general argument in “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women” is the idea that one can beg God for forgiveness, challenge his judgements and try to reason with him. One example of challenging his judgement can be seen in the second to last stanza when the speaker states:
Then let us have our Libertie againe, 
And challendge to your selves no Sov’raigntie; 
You came not in the world without our paine, 
Make that a barre against your crueltie; 
Your fault beeing greater, why should you disdaine 
Our beeing your equals, free from tyranny?           
If one weake woman simply did offend, 
     This sinne of yours, hath no excuse, nor end. 
In the first line of this stanza asks for man/womankind to have their liberty again followed by God himself coming to earth without their(humanity) shared pain and because of this, his cruelty on the human race should be banned. Furthermore, the speaker claims that because God is “greater” that he does not need to respect humankind. Even further the speaker questions why God is so tyrannical towards human beings if they are his equals. The idea that humans are equal to God stems from the Biblical reference that claims all human beings are made in his image. In this stanza and many before it the speaker is taking a rhetorical approach to asking God for forgiveness while simultaneously challenging his judgements via reasoning. In this sense, the power shifts from God and is balanced between him and the speaker. All in all, I believe the attitude towards religion from these works are to be accepting of Christianity, but to also question it’s inconsistencies.

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