week 16

I like the reading this week it reminds me from when I read the children bible when I was younger. With the reading this week its about eve and Adam. I guess its taking it back to when they were in the garden. I feel that eve was the cause of the fall of humanity and that was all because she ate the apple. Pretty much god told them both not to eat the apple. In eves eyes she wanted to blame Adam and that is because she views him as king of earth. The serpent is the one to trick her into eating the apple, if you think about the serpent is pretty much the devil. One thing I feel that even through Adam was strong enough to fight the temptation, but he still could have made sure that eve didn’t get played by the serpent.


From the readings if you look at it they are based on religion. Book 1 was about how saten and his followers or another name daemons were all fighting against god. They got away from god, but I feel that he only allowed them to but if you think about it where are they now in hell. I feel that god was hoping for them to change their heart and become good instead of being evil.

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