Shanice Week 16

This weeks readings were a easy read and they both had the theme of religion and both Milton and Lanier gave they perpective about the fall of man, in regards to who is to blame. i found their readings to be intersting, because i would always hear the story of creating and how they ate a fruit which is why the world is how it is now, but i never thought about who fault it was. In  John Milton “Paradise lost book 1” he immediataly gives his readers the idea of the story of man’s first disobediences and the fruit, which is basically letting us know thats were it all started, the fall of mankind and of angels turning against God according to the Christian faith. also the mention of hell and heaven, and the reference of Satan he was a angel who had fallen along side with other angels that he took with him and they all ended up going to hell because they tried to go aganist God. In lines 157-159 Milton says, “Fall’n Cherub, to be weak is miserable doing or suffering…to do ought good never will be our task..” this is basically satan declaring his goal as the fallin to go againist all things good and godlike, so in a sense the poem could be referred as the falling because it referring to the fall of angels, which has a effect on mankinds ability to do what is right. In Lanyer “Eve’s Apology In Defense of Women” she gives her on little twist on the story of Adam and Eve, the bible doesn’t necessarily places the blame on the woman or the man, but as per usual the woman is to be blamed because they could be described as weak, however Lanyer gives a second take and it made me expand the thinking, as to how Eve might have been feeling it that situation.

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