Week 16 DB Post

I enjoyed both of the readings this week. However, I think Milton’s work was better. It was a more entertaining read for me and I think the poetry was just better. I loved Milton’s images. I thought the other poem was a bit boring.

Milton justifies the ways of god by explaining that what happened with Adam and Eve was part of god’s greater plan. He basically says that everything that god does, he does for good reason. I’m not sure if people would say he justifies the ways of god “well,” but he justifies them. He has trust that what happens is god’s plan. He believes in god.
Both texts are heavily religious. They also both mention the Adam and Eve story. Milton on one hand heavily relies on his belief in god and god’s ways, while Lanyer sort of criticizes religion or aspects of it. Milton has a positive attitude towards religion and says that the holy spirit inspires poems. Lanyer criticizes religion for how it places women in society and how it has kind of tarnished their image; her attitude towards religion is negative.

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