Week 16

These readings were an easy read. They all were based on religion but also touched societal issues. “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women” enlightened me because of the arbitration addressed dealing with gender. A sin cannot be worse than the other because the bottom line is that it’s a sin.


The argument in “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women” is saying that men (Adam) is just as wrong as women (Eve). Both ate the apple so both should get equal punishment. Lanyer does not only defend Eve but women too. Men are heightened in society while women are not. Women are looked today still lesser then men but this read depicts the societal issue in religion which speaks volume of how women were not revered as equal people. Power comes to play because in the time of Adam and Eve, Adam took power over Eve. Line 35-40 definitely shows sympathy for Eve as she did not even have the chance be a Queen of the Earth. He was the first so it acts like seniority. Also in the text in line 42 explains him as great. If he is great, he cannot do any wrong and that’s how Adam lived.



In “Paradise” Book 9 Milton gave the serpent a voice to show how he tricked her into eating the apple. He used means of fawning to gain Eve’s attention. This gives a bad label to women thinking that women are easy when it comes to a smooth talker. The serpent did this to seduce eve. But why not Adam? Is this saying that women are not as smart as males?

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