Week 16

Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women” gives a voice and provides eve with a sense of feminine agency.  Eve’s actions are defended and understood to not be her doing.

The argument is Adam is just as much fault and is to be blamed and to take far greater responsibility than Eve. She did not act alone as Adam also gave in to temptation. Lanyer’s argument is furthered she argues the inequalities across genders. Women are to be regarded as equal to men.

In addition to the text Miltons text acts as dual perspective on religious dogma. He offers the perspective of beings within the bible we do not get to fully understand. His text Paradise Lost is the quintessence of religious novelty. Focusing on the origin story he enacts a biblical examination of good and evil and a power complex that puzzles much of mankind as well as the characters within the text. Religion acts as a guide and there is always foresight and reason for the sequence of events that take place.

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