Week 16- Tasnia Tanas

I thought these readings were interesting. I think I enjoyed reading “Eve’s Apology in Defense of women.” This reading was easy to understand and I liked how Amelia Lanier defends Eve. She thought Adam was to be held accountable for the fall of humanity because Adam was made strong, he was King of the Earth, he was made perfect, he was made first and was around for longer, he heard God’s order’s directly and he knew he would be punished if he disobeyed God. According to Lanier, she felt that Adam should have stopped Eve from eating the apple instead of accepting it, “But surely Adam cannot be excused; / Her fault though great, yet he was most to blame; / What Weakness offered, Strength might have refused, / Being Lord of all, the greater was his shame: / Although the Serpent’s craft had her abused, / God’s holy word ought all his actions frame, / For he was Lord and King of all the earth, / Before poor Eve had either life or breath” (ll. 33-40). I liked how Lanier arguing to defend that it was not Eve’s fault. I thought the points that she stated out were interesting.

The readings had a lot of references to religion. Book 1 talks about how Satan and his followers are fighting against God. And they were able to escape because God allowed them too. This is trying to show that God is trying to portray the message that by letting them escape he is giving them a chance to be good. In book 9 it talks about Adam and Eve.

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