Critical Write-Up #2

Due Sunday, 10/1 before midnight

Write a short argument (500 words) addressing the following question:

  • How did you medieval women (characters and authors) use rhetoric in order to assert their agency?  In what ways are these expressions of agency at odds with/reflective of cultural and social norms in the period?
    • Your critical write-up should contain a thesis, make use of textual evidence (with appropriate line or page citations), and offer a strong critical point of view:
      • showcase your ability identify problems, criticize recurring tropes, and consider the impact/consequences of the elements you discuss in the write-up
    • You’re encouraged to draw references from weeks 4-6 and showcase your ability to analyze connections across texts
    • Don’t feel like you need to summarize the readings (we’ve all read them) or define the terms used in the prompt (although definitely look them up if you don’t know what they mean!)
    • Critical Write-Ups are worth 25 points and will be graded based on critical thinking, structure (including citation and editing/proofreading), and argumentation. Think of them as mini papers.

Once you’re logged in:

  1. Click on +New Post
  2. Write or copy/paste your argument
  3. In the “Publish” box, edit the Visibility to “Private”
  4. Select “Write-Ups” for your Category
  5. Click “Publish”
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