Hybrid Requirements

In order to fulfill the online portion of our class, you will be asked to watch videos, visit websites, and engage in conversations on our course site. You should plan to check-in with our site activity at least twice a week and sign up for email updates. We have two kinds of required assignments: 1) class discussion and 2) digital lecture/reading quiz.


Every other week you will be writing critical posts in response to questions posted either by Dr. Silva or by group leaders. On those weeks, here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to Discussions (on the menu) and find the appropriate page with the discussion questions for that week
  2. Select the questions you want to answer and draft your answer
  3. Make sure you’re signed in to the Commons (top right of your screen)
  4. Click +New and select “Post”
  5. Type or copy/past your answers. You can also ask new questions you’d like your peers to address in their comments to you
  6. Check that the Categories (5th box on the right-hand side) are correct: they should be “Discussion” and the right Week number. I (Prof. Silva) plan to have those set up for you but in case I forget you should double-check.
  7. Select a “featured image” (last box on the right-hand side). This will make your post stand out in our page. You can choose an existing image or upload your own (try searching for “early modern woodcuts” or “medieval manuscripts” to find some relevant stuff)
  8. Click “Publish.”
  9. Go to our site and make sure your post shows up under the “Discussion” page. If not, check that the post was published, and that you selected the right categories.

You’re all set! Be sure to check back often (no later than Sunday at midnight) to read what your peers have posted and provide critical comments.


Every other week when you’re not writing posts and generating discussion you will be asked to complete a digital assignment. These may include watching short videos, visiting websites, or utilizing an analytical tool for literary studies. You’ll be able to find instructions for those under “Prompts” and on our schedule page. Every time you finish one of these assignments, you will also be asked to either write a short private post on the site or complete an online reading/watching quiz. I will go over these instructions in class.


Grading for these assignments depend on your level of critical engagement, attention to detail, and punctuality. You will complete 13 of these assignments throughout the term. They are worth 10 points each; your lowest 3 grades will be dropped at the end of term but you must have submitted all 13 assignments.

Posting/comments are graded upon completion, provided that they attend to minimum requirements:

  • 4 points: Post is on time, is about 250 words, and answers the questions critically and thoughtfully. Student offers up thought-provoking ideas about the text, using textual references when appropriate.
  • 4 points: Student’s comments on at least 5 peers’ posts showcase an understanding of their ideas and helps push the discussion forward. Student avoids substance-free comments such as “I agree” or “Great job” and instead aims to complicate or explicate concepts from the reading.
  • 2 points: Student responds to questions and comments on their own post with substantial, critical commentary

Note: Late posts will not earn any points. Posts lacking in substance or that show little to no awareness of the text will not earn full marks.

Reading/watching quizzes and private posts are also worth 10 points each and will be graded upon completion, provided that the student demonstrates that they have completed the required assignment thoroughly.



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