October 30


  • A quick word about dictionaries and orthography…
  • Schedule changes:
    • New Reading for next week
    • Library Visit: November 13@ NYPL 6pm-8pm
    • Some other changes
  • Commonplace book exchange: arrange to give your CB to another peer in the class. As a contributor, you will aim to add something interesting and exciting to their work. This could be:
    • Commentary on their entries
    • A response/critique to one of the works they wrote about (perhaps playing devil’s advocate)
    • A poem or set of quotes from a text you liked that they didn’t use
    • An acrostic on a word of your choice or their name
    • References to other books/films/shows they might enjoy, based on their work so far
    • Anything else (of substance) to your heart’s desire!

The only rule is that no one person in the class should be tasked with more than one book. So if you’re first pick is already taken, find another peer! If you’re working with material books (notebooks, binders, etc), don’t forget to bring it with you to class next week.

Utopia, cont.

Get together in groups of 3 (not 2! not 5!)¬†and write a thesis for an imaginary paper on Utopia and genre answering the following research question: “Under what genre(s) does More’s Utopia fall? How does this relate to More’s central argument for the work?” Remember that a strong thesis should have a clear argument, offer up evidence, and (bonus) conclude with a “so-what” factor (i.e. “why does this matter?”). It does NOT need to be a single sentence.

What you’re done, volunteer a member of your group to write up your thesis on the board.

Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey

  • Group Presentation
  • Discussion
Lady Jane Grey painted by Frederick Richard Pickersgill (1820-1900) Photo: FINE ART SOCIETY
  • How do Elizabeth’s speeches frame her as a monarch? In what ways is she defining her body and her behavior?
  • What do you think it might have meant for the troops to hear this speech delivered?
  • Why is the “Golden Speech” so named?
  • How do the speeches contrast with the poem, “On Monsieur’s Departure”?
  • How does Lady Jane Grey’s work compare to Elizabeth? Why do you think she was so vilified?
  • Is John Foxe’s work helping or hindering Grey’s own voice? How do we feel about male editors of women writers?
  • Why do you think Elizabeth’s speech to parliament would be circulated in print?

Next week:

  • Read Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus
  • Complete the next video quiz (see the quiz for links to the videos you’ll need to watch)
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